Android 10: 10 of the best features you need to know about

Google has officially launched its latest mobile operating system Android 10 to Pixel devices. Pixel Mobile users can now update their handsets to the latest version.

In the first phase, only Google Pixel devices users can access to the latest version, and rest of the other device users such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, One Plus etc (Android devices) will have to wait a little longer.

The latest version will support new and state-of-the-art devices such as 5G and Foldables. Android 10 has come with nearly 50+ security and privacy-related features. The newly launched version provides increased protection, transparency and data control. The latest Android version is now more inclusive, accessible and safer than ever.

List of Pixel Devices that support Android 10

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL

How to update your Pixel Mobile to the latest Android 10

To update your Pixel Mobile Phone to the latest Android 10 software, simply click on the Settings, then System and then click on System Update. There you will see the latest updates, and install it. 

What’s New in Android 10?

Smart Reply

The first newly added feature is a smart reply, now save your time and take action from your notification area by simply replying there suggested actions. You will get suggested replies with the notification like when you open your email in the Gmail Account, in the below reply area, you will see some suggested words that exactly matched to that reply. Now you will get the same reply suggestion message in the notification area. If a notification comes with a link, smart reply feature will suggest you to open in Chrome and same if someone send you a Youtube video link, Smart Reply will suggest you to open it in YouTube. Smart reply feature will work across all popular apps installed on your Android Phone.

Dark Theme

Dark Mode, the only feature that almost every mobile user wants to have it in their Mobile. Android 10 is now built-in with the Dark Theme where users can enjoy the night viewing mode and of course will help you to save battery life. Using Dark Mode function, you can generate a custom dark theme for your app or let the system generate one from your present theme dynamically.

Gesture navigation

Android 10 Gesture navigation is one of the best feature that makes it very easy for a mobile user to switch from app to app by simply swapping to the up, down, right and left. You can very easily switch to the previous one app with this newly added feature. The best thing is that the Gesture Navigation is optional and you can still use the same old three-button navigation by changing it from the settings.

Live Caption

Android 10 Live Caption feature automatically captions media (video, audio) playing on your mobile phone. This feature works on Videos, Podcasts, and Audio messages across any app.

Android 10 gives you more control over location data

Android 10 now gives you more control over your mobile location data. Now you can control your location through a new permission option. You can allow an app to access location only while the app is actually in use (running in the foreground) and can choose when apps can share your location.

Privacy Feature

Android 10 Privacy feature comes with additional advance feature that gives the user to protect their privacy and give user control, with improved system UI and restrictions on what data apps can use. Now, protect yourself with more than 50+ new privacy features and can access all these features in one place by clicking the Privacy button in the Settings area.

Security Feature

Android 10 Security features updated for more control all in one place. In the settings area, you can see the Security option separately. You can set all the security-related settings from there. Interesting thing is that Security Updates can be now installed without full system updates.

Focus Mode

With Focus Mode you can disable all these apps which distracting you. The newly Focus Mode feature is added to the top of the settings area inside the Airplane Mode option. Open the Focus Mode from there and select the app that you want to disable or pause it.

Share WiFi using QR Codes

Android 10 brings another amazing feature, now you can share your WiFi with anyone using QR code. If someone asking you for your WiFi password and you have no idea about the password then you can simply share it with them using QR code. It is very simple and easy to use, go to the network details and click on your WiFi network and click on QR Share button.

Family Link

Android 10 family link feature enables you to manage the good content and other things for their family. Using family link feature, you can manage your children and teens devices with screen time limits day or night, allow or block apps for them and also, you can locate your child’s device.

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