FBR Launches Mobile App for Filing Tax Returns

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a mobile app for salaried persons to file their tax returns from their mobile phone. The newly launched Tax Asaan app will allow salaried persons to file their tax returns timely without any hurdles by using their mobile phones.

The App is officially operational and available for the download on the Google Play Store (for Android users) and iOS App Store (for iPhone users). FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi confirmed the news in his recent tweet. He also congratulates the whole nation for this great initiative and requests the public to pay their due taxes timely to build a better and strong Pakistan.


Tax Asaan
is another digital update from the FBR. Indeed, this is a good initiative and
no doubt they are equipping their services with the latest technology. FBR digitalized their services to make it easy for the taxpayers to pay their taxes timely without any hurdles.

FBR Launches Mobile App for Filing Tax Returns

How to Download Tax Asaan App

The Android mobile users can download this app from here and the iOS users click here to download the app. It’s very easy and simple to use, just download the app and use it like other regular apps. Fill your tax return details, and submit it within minutes. With Tax Asaan App, you can also make e-payment of your income, sales and federal excise tax.

Tax Asaan app has a beautiful design with multi-features like Income Tax Return file submission, Sales Tax Registration, e-payment, and online verification system. Using Tax Asaan App, you can search for Active Taxpayer list, Online NTN/STRN Inquiry, Exemption certification, FBR notices/orders verification, Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR)utilization status, and POS Invoice verification. With Tax Asaan app, you can make e-payment of your Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise tax.

To submit your tax return file simply open the App first and then sign in to your account using your NTN Number and Password. After that, click on Income Tax Return, enter the required information and submit it. It’s very easy and simple to use and you can file your tax return within minutes.

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