How to Find Quickly All Unread Emails in Gmail Account

Good Day! Today I am here with a new helping how to tech tutorial post. In this Tech Tutorial Blog Post, You will learn how to find quickly all of your unread emails Gmail Account.

In this step by step tech tutorial blog post, I am going to show you how to find your all unread Email within seconds. I will share here two simple tricks that will definitely work for you and will bring all of your unread Gmail messages in front of you within a few seconds.

There is a mix of Unread and Read Emails in your Gmail Account and that’s why you are missing some important unread email messages of your clients, and other important working emails. So no more worries about that, today I am here to free you from this tension. Now, all your unread email messages will come on your PC/Laptop screen with few clicks. Just read all these unread email and enjoy.

Search for Unread Emails by Entering a Short Code:

The first and easiest way to find your unread email is entering a simple shortcode is:unread in the Search mail area of your Gmail Account.

  • Simply enter the code is:unread and Press the Enter button (Have a look on the above screenshot).
  • After pressing the Enter Button, a list of all unread email will come.
  • You can read your important message now.

Using Gmail Built-in Feature inside the Inbox Button:

The second easiest and simple way to find your unread email is, using the Gmail built-in option.

  • Click on the down arrow symbol inside the Inbox Button and select unread first

How to Find Quickly All Unread Emails in Gmail Account


How to Find Quickly All Unread Emails in Gmail Account

  • Gmail will show you all your unread emails within seconds.
  • Apart from the unread first option, there is another option too that will help you to find your email like If you choose Important first, it will show your important emails first and also if you click on starred first, then it will show you all emails that have starred label.

Note:  Always choose Inbox type Default, it will show you a routine read and unread email list in a sequence. The other options are for your choice to get a benefit for a time. It depends on you, you can use it as default but according to my knowledge, the Default option will be good.

So, these are two easiest methods which I share with you today. I hope it will help you. For more latest How to Tech Tutorials Updates, stay tuned with us and we will try our all the best to bring you the helping and informative content that helps you in regular routine works and life.

If you are facing any problem regarding the above-shared tips, Let us know in the below comments box, we will be there very soon to help you out.

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