How to Install and Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

In today’s tech tutorial post, you will learn how to install and manage extensions in Google Chrome. In this step by step tech tutorial guidance, I will help out all those users who are worried about installing and managing extensions in Google Chrome.

By following our today step by step tech tutorial guidance, you will be able to manage and install extensions in Google Chrome.

Before starting this tutorial, let me explain you about Google chrome extensions. maybe there will be some users who will think about what is an extension? so let me explain it for them. 

Extensions are small software programs that allow users to customize the browsing experience. They allow users to tailor Chrome’s functionality and behavior to the needs or preferences of individuals. For example, when you add an Internet Download Manager extension, it will allow you to download movies, files, software etc from Chrome browser. Another example is when you add Adblock plus extension to Google Chrome, this extension will help you to block spamming ads on your browser. There are so many useful extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store. 

How to Install Extensions in Google Chrome


  1. First of all Open Google Chrome and then Goto Google Web Storefrom Here 
  2. Now Select the required extension you want.
  3. Click on Add to Chrome 
  4. A pop option will appear where they will ask you to grant permission to the extension about installation. Just click on Add extension.
  5. After that, your extension will start downloading and after a few seconds, it will install. 
  6. You will see a confirmation message on the top of your chrome browser. that your extension has been added to and That’s it


How to Install and Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

How to Manage Extensions in Google Chrome


  1. Open Google Chrome and at the top right corner click the three dots menu icon 
  2. Click on More tools and then click on Extensions
  3. There you will see all the installed extensions in your Chrome browser. 
  4. Simply click on the “Details” button of that extension that you want to manage.


How to Install and Manage Extensions in Google Chrome

In the settings window, you can manage the following settings.


  • Turn on/off the extension
  • Allow incognito: Turn on Allow in incognito
  • Fix corruptions, if the extension is corrupted you can repair it by clicking Repair
  • Allow access to File URLs.
  • Allow site access: allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit. Users are able to change the extensions site access to “On specific sites” or “On all sites”.

If you want to uninstall any extension from the browser, you can remove it from Manage Extensions window. Type chrome://extensions/ in the URL area, press enter and you will be directed to the Manage Extensions page. Click on the Remove button.

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