How to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

In this Tutorial, I am going to show you how to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

I am here with another how-to tech tips post that will definitely help you to uninstall Windows 10 updates. One of our few readers asks us to write about how to uninstall Windows 10 updates and how we can go back to our previous normal version of Windows 10.

We also previously published about how to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates where in this post you will learn how to uninstall that updates. Installing Windows 10 updates is good for your PC health because its available for your device to fix the issues and improve the quality of your PC more from the security side as well as performance.

However, some updates might cause problems for your PC, sometimes we noticed that it makes the PC/Laptop slower than before and that time you will want to uninstall those updates to get your device back to the last normal version. So, in this post, we will explain in very details about how to come out from these hurdles to your previous one stable version.

There are few methods to uninstall Windows 10 updates where in this tech tutorial post, I will explain two major methods with step by step procedure.

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates Using Settings

The first method to uninstall windows 10 updates is from Windows Settings. How to, follow these steps.

  • First of all Click on the Settings button from the Windows Start button or simply click on Windows Button and type Settings, click on it.
  • Click on Updates & Security 


  • Windows Update Page will open, on the right side, click on View Update History


  • View Update History Page will open, now click on Uninstall Updates.
  • Now a new window will be open namely Control Panel and here you will see a detail list of Windows installed updates. Right click on the update that you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall, Windows will ask you to confirm the removal of that update. Click on Yes if you want to uninstall otherwise click on No if you have changed your decision. 

    How to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates


Uninstall Windows 10 Updates Using Control Panel

The second and easiest method to uninstall windows 10 updates is from Windows Control Panel. Here is how to?

  • Open Control Panel by clicking on Windows Start Button then type Control Panel or simply click on Run Command and enter control and press enter button.
  • Now click on Uninstall a Program.
  • After that On the left side of the Programs and Features window click on View installed updates
  • A list of installed updates will open where you will see all the installed updates of your Windows and other PC software that are installed on your computer/laptop.

Now find the Windows Updates section and click on that updates that you want to uninstall, right-click on that updates and click on Uninstall and then click on Yes button. Windows will uninstall that updates.

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