Indian Tech Startups Reaches at the Record of $14.5B in 2019

The Indian tech startup at the local level in the nation has reached to the amount of around $14.5 billion in the year 2019. This is also beating the range of around $10.6 billion as last year as per according to research firm Tracxn.

This year the tech startups in India has taken part in the 1,185 financing rounds which is around 459 of those were Series A or later rounds as within from 817 investors.

Early-stage startups are those who are participating in angel or even the pre-Series A financing round that have raised $6.9 billion this year. This has been surpassing the course of $3.3 billion figure just as according to a report by venture debt firm InnoVen Capital.

Indian Tech Startups Reaches at the Record of $14.5B in 2019

As per according to the recent InnoVen’s report, early-stage course of startups that have somehow typically struggled to hence attract investors saw a rise of 22% year-over-year increase in the number of different financing deals which happened this year. Cumulatively, at the range of around $2.6 million, their valuation has also increased highly due to the 15% from last year.
On the whole there have been almost 80 different financing deals which are available in the sizing of $25 million as well as $100 million, as up from the course of 56 last year as well as 36 the year before. It is put together with the 27 rounds that are to be above $100 million as up from 17 in 2018 and around 9 in 2017.

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Since the year 2016, tech startups have been completely accumulated within $4.3 billion to be down from $7.9 billion as the year before. Hence overall the flow of capital has completely increased at a significant level within the ecosystem. In the year 2017, Indian startups have increased to around $10.4 billion.

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