Islamabad Police to Introduce Body Worn Cameras at Police CheckPosts

The Islamabad police has finally came up with the announcement where they have been considering introducing the body worn cameras for the personnel deputed at police checkposts.  All the footages coming from the body cameras are straight away connected right to the Safe City system and hence can be used as an evidence in the court in case of any criminal offense.

You can even make them call out by the name of the body cameras as they are becoming one of the most needed parts of the police departments in terms of security.  Such body cameras are being used already in so many developed countries in the last few years which have played an important role for improving the overall standards of the protection and security standards of that nation. 

These body worn cameras are best to record all the happenings and events that is involving the police as well as all the officials of the law enforcement. They are to be worn straight on the torso of any person body related to the official’s uniform.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (Operations) (AIG) Sardar Ghias Gulhig hlighted in the media that this whole implementation has been carried away for upgrading the overall system of the Islamabad police and hence bring back the international standards in the Pakistan police system.


He further mentioned that the police department has received so many complain from the police officials who have encountered the issue of misbehavior from other people at the checkpost.  As soon as the whole incident will be recorded in the body camera, the police officials can later on take an action against that specific person instantly.

In the first stage of this whole process, almost 20 cameras will be inserted in the body worn.  Hence in case if the whole process runs out successfully, more plans will be made to install more cameras for further operations.

Body worn videos (BWV) will play a vital position in accomplishing this goal. It will turn out to be feasible to have live coverage of incidents and those videos will additionally be used as evidence. Because of GPS, it will also turn out to be viable to check the region of officials and get stay insurance of mobs and many others so that appropriate arrangements can be made in advance.

AIG Gul said that 20 cameras have been acquired to take a look at their performance, decision and results. They will end up functional in the next two weeks and the range of cameras in use will be accelerated with time. Initially it has been determined that officials sporting BWVs will be deputed at police checkposts and later cameras will be used all through police operations.

However, in Pakistani courts, suspects’ legal professionals do not be given police officers as witnesses and their statements end up doubtful. By introducing BWVs we will be able to provide footage of operations as evidence. The cameras will be linked to the Safe City task so at some stage in operations it will become viable to supply additional pressure or take crucial steps in time.

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