OPPO Reno2 F Sheheryar Edition is Now Available with Stunning Features

OPPO Reno2 F Sheheryar Limited Edition is now available with amazing features including Ultra wide Angle, Ultra Night Mode, Portrait Mode and much more. OPPO Reno2 Series ‘Twilight Mist’ has been all the more designed through an inspiration from the beauty of nature.

All the way through the use of some manufacturing techniques, there has been a combination of some deep hues in the middle of dream like neon detailing. This is overall looking so much graceful and much added with iridescent color that moves in different light.

Amazing 48MP Quad Camera Access

OPPO Reno2 Series ‘Twilight Mist’ will enable you to capture your camera into 48MP quad camera power.  It has been offered with the involvement of 8MP Wide Angle Lens, all along with the 2MP Mono Lens, and with the range access of the 2MP Portrait Lens at your own set of disposal. Hence you can capture your entire imagination at any time and at any point you want to.  Some of the exciting features which is present within OPPO Reno2 Series ‘Twilight Mist’ camera are:

  • 8MP Wide Angle Lens
  • 119° | F/2.2 Aperture
  • 2MP Mono Lens
  • All-new O6 portrait mode
  • 48 MP Ultra-clear Main Camera
  • 1/2.25-inch Sensor | F/1.79 Aperture
  • 2MP Portrait Lens
  • All-new O7 portrait mode
  • An Entire Creative Workshop at Your Fingertips
  • Ultra Night Mode 2.0


OPPO Reno2 F Sheheryar Edition is Now Available with Stunning Features

Excellent and Powerful Night Mode Feature

The Reno2 F has been also settled with the awesome night mode access range as well. It has been completely powered with the multi-frame form of noise reduction and with some best and dynamic range of the imaging course as well.

OPPO Reno2 F Sheheryar Edition is Now Available with Stunning Features

AI layered processing hence renders background scenery as well as foreground subjects separately. Some of the basic features in its night mode camera are:

  • 1/2.25 inches
  • Ultra-large Sensors
  • f/1.79
  • Ultra-large Aperture
  • Multi-frame
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • AI Portrait
  • Optimization in Low Light

See The Larger Picture with Ultra Wide Angle

OPPO Reno2 Series ‘Twilight Mist’ gives you the chance to catch the larger picture with its ultra wide angle range. You can simply get a chance to rediscover the entire beauty of the charming landscape all through some fresh perspective.  With the HDR Portrait mode you can capture each and every single nuance. This mode makes the use of some -dynamic-range (HDR) imaging through which you can effectively reduce upon the brightness right into the over-illuminated areas in terms of the portrait and brightens all the under-illuminated areas.

OPPO Reno2 F Sheheryar Edition is Now Available with Stunning Features

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By using the smart skin tone feature you will be able to adjust the skin tone that is all based upon the ambient form of light conditions. You can also get the chance to explore your entire new and amazing portrait settings in favor of Reno2 F. O6 as well as O7 will be giving you the chance to add upon with some impressive portrait shots in the monochrome as well as retro styles.

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