Peshawar Police Launched Mobile App to effectively help the Citizens

By making the competitive use of the modern technology, The Capital City Police Peshawar has come up with the launch of mobile application service. The basic aim behind the launch of this application is all about improving the overall delivery service when it comes to helping the public.  Peshawar police chief Salahuddin Khan Mehsudhas inaugurated the app which is now available on Google Play Store as well. You can download it straight away on your android phones.

The Police Chief unveiled that this application has been developed in order to improve the overall system of the public delivery by means of using the technology.  All the people will be able to have an access to the police department all through the use of application. This can include blast incidents, robbery or kidnapping. This will help the police department to deal with the issues of emergency at any hour of time they want to.

Peshawar Police Launched Mobile App to effectively help the Citizens

He further added that that the KP police department has been heading toward bringing some more scale of improvement in the department by sing some more advanced technology mediums.  According to the recent report, due to modern technology use, the ratio of crime scenes has been a lot reduced in Peshawar.  Hence this app would also be playing a major role in terms of fostering upon the confidence of people and hence often bringing the crime ratio enough down.

By means of using this app, all the users would be able to make some direct standardized calls in the police department in case of any emergency. In addition the users would also be able to make some report over the theft or robbery incidents. You can also use the app for uploading the images or the videos of any incident which you have witnessed by eye.  It is also playing an important role in giving away much needed information to the sector of public including with the contact numbers of City Police Stations.

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