PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Pakistan’s First National Science And Technology Park In Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan is all set to give the nation of Pakistan a big gift this year with the announcement of National Science & Technology Park. This park is stated to be located inside the well-known institution of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). It has been recorded in the media that PM Imran Khan will be inaugurating this park project today in NUST, which will be telecast live on television screens.

Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced this news in his latest tweet. He mentioned that it was the joint decision of the whole party about choosing NUST as the central location of the park. The NUST has already made some enormous projects in the field of technology and research and hence choosing NUST as the primary center location can bring some fruitful results for the project plan.

He also mentioned that in the coming year, Pakistan would be transformed entirely in terms of technology and research work. In this IT Park, there are almost 40 different companies who are taking part in this collaboration.

All such companies are related to the field background of information, research, and technology. Few of the companies are already big start-ups, and some are tech giants. Small companies have also been given the golden opportunity to be part of this fantastic IT Park project.

PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Pakistan’s First National Science And Technology Park In Islamabad

According to the NUST statement, this park will be serving upon as the main launchpad for the sake of the country’s top leading researchers, as well as innovators, along with the entrepreneurs.

As we all know that PM Imran Khan has also launched the plan of Digital Pakistan, which is a big plan for the technological advancement of the Pakistani Nation. According to the main initiative of this plan, it will be providing job opportunities to the young generation on a significant level.

Through this plan, the government is also making some plans to bring about the e-governance set-up to Pakistan, which will be addressing so many issues related to different masses.   Plus, it will be playing an essential role in eradicating the corruption straight away from society at all means.  The launch of the Digital Vision Plan was held in PM Office in Islamabad.

This plan will be giving great opportunities to the youth for spurring their abilities and skills. Till now, no such work has been started on the project, and soon, some new announcements are expected to be made as well. Finally, we hope that this project will play an important role in the success and progress of Pakistan.

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