PM Imran Khan to Launch Report Corruption App

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the launch of a new mobile application that is all about to control the corruption in Pakistan. This app is likely to be known by the name of ‘Report Corruption App’.

This application has been introduced by the Anti-Corruption Establishment of Punjab in order to ultimately accelerate the main government drive as against the corrupt elements that are in the society. At the time of launching ceremony, PM Imran Khan stated that the central vision and mission of Naya Pakistan is not accomplished until and unless the nation’s support and encouragement are not attended to the new Government.

The main aim of the PTI Government is to make the whole Pakistan corruption-free, and that’s why the Report Corruption App has been launched for the nation. If any person encounters any sort of corruption happening in any department of Pakistan, they can instantly report it straight away on this app and file a complaint against that person or department.

People of Pakistan have been praising the idea of this application so much. They do think that this is a significant step that has been taken by the government to fight against the corrupted modern society. The government has also advised the Chief Ministers of all provinces to introduce this app in their regional areas.

Ever since the time the new Government has been made, PM Imran Khan has been taking some strict and robust actions against corruption. He has already taken strict actions against the corrupted politicians, and according to PM, his party does not accompany any such leaders who are already strapped into the corruption cases.

Well, according to the public response, this is an emerging and best step that has been announced by the Naya Pakistan in the form of application. We are sure that this app will be bringing specific changes in the departments of Pakistan.

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This is not the first time that PM Imran Khan has launched an app. The application “Mera Bacha Alert” would be linked with Pakistan Citizen Portal so that the development on any case, such as the recuperation of the child, ought to be monitored, a press release issued via the PM Office Media Wing right here said.

PM Imran Khan apprised the cabinet assembly of the success achieved in the investigation of the instances involving the immoral incidents faced by the children, which, he said, would help attain different culprits of such heinous acts.

The application will be created in two weeks. It will be linked with Pakistan Citizen Portal so that the development, in any case, inclusive of the recuperation of the child, can be monitored.

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