Security Alert: PTA to Discuss Data Hacking Issue with WhatsApp Officials

Well we have been all aware from the fact that over the last few months, the incidents of WhatsApp hacking has been getting a lot high. And it seems like WhatsApp management has not been taking any sort of strict actions or implementing any kind of laws or customs against it. Therefore Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has finally decided to get into discussion with the WhatsApp management to have a discussion on this whole matter.

PTA has just recently taken the media reports against the incidents of the hacking which was happening in the WhatsApp.  This hacking activity was not just happening in Pakistan but even all over the world. WhatsApp is one such medium which is being used billions of people all over the world.

According to the recent media press release it has been reported that there have been so many reports that have come across by the side of the people who have been target with the hacking software. Therefore in the action of all such reports, PTA has decided to get into one on one conversation with the WhatsApp management.

In addition, PTA has further mentioned that they have been trying to retrieve all the data that has been hacked by the users and are also discussing some measures of safety and security for the Pakistani users. They are trying their level best efforts to not let such incidents happen all over again.

PTA has decided to finally take this matter high up to the authority of the WhatsApp management to get the details of all those reports whose hacking has been reported.

Plus, PTA has also advised all the WhatsApp users that they should be upgrading their WhatsApp application to the latest version and gets their phone protected against the Operating System.

Hacking someone personal data and details without their permission is also against the laws and customs. WhatsApp needs to take some strict action against such hacking software by putting some security implementation for the WhatsApp users.

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