WhatsApp Launches Fingerprint Lock Feature For Android Users

Just newly, WhatsApp has come up with the latest announcement of introduced the fantastic feature of fingerprint lock for their android phones. This is a recently announced feature that will be enabling all the WhatsApp users to unlock their app all through the use of their fingerprints.

According to the company, this new feature will be giving away an extra set of a layer of security to prevent other users from reading your messages.

WhatsApp Launches Fingerprint Lock Feature For Android Users

It has also been announced that the company will also be rolling out the Touch ID all along with the Face ID feature for their iPhone users for giving a protective layer to the users of WhatsApp. You can unlock the app on just one fingerprint access within your supported set of android phones.

How to Perform This App Lock Method?

If you want to lock your WhatsApp app with the fingerprint access, you can get straight away ta to the Settings which will be later on followed with the Account option by making a click on it. Later on, you have to choose the option of Privacy and choose a fingerprint lock. All the users of the WhatsApp can turn on the unlocking access with the use of fingerprint and later on confirm the fingerprinting.


Can you Use Your Phone If WhatsApp is locked?

According to the company reports, even though if the WhatsApp is locked, still you can reply to the coming messages through the notifications and can also attend the calls as well. All the users of the WhatsApp on the beta mode can make the selection of the duration within which you can unlock the app with your fingerprint use. You can lock the app either for one minute or even for 30 minutes.

The whole process of availing this lock feature is simple and straight forward. This is much easy even for the users who have already registered themselves for unlocking their phones. Before you start the process, make sure you are on the latest version of the WhatsApp.


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