WhatsApp New Feature Will Let You Know Which Contact You Chat the Most

It’s time to make the exciting use of the new and fantastic features of WhatsApp, which has been just newly introduced in the market. We are sure all the WhatsApp users will be conscious enough about knowing what this feature is all about.

WhatsApp has become one of the most top leading and best social media applications in the world, which is being used today by millions of people all around the world. Right through the use of this WhatsApp platform, you will be able to get in touch with your friends and family members internationally with free of cost messages and calls. You need to have the fastest access to an internet connection to make calls and messages.

What is WhatsApp New Feature all About?

WhatsApp has newly introduced the exciting feature of the message privacy that has become the main talk of the town among the WhatsApp users. As you will make the use of this privacy feature, you will be able to learn about which person in your WhatsApp contact list is more in chatting contact with you.

This feature will let you know which person you talk the most throughout the whole day and in how much MB amount you share your data with them. Hence in simple terms, this feature will enable you to learn about complete statistics of your calls as well as photos, messages, and videos in the middle of your most talked-about friends.

How to Use It?

Follow the mentioned step by step guide to figure out how you can use this fantastic new feature of WhatsApp:

  • To find out, you have to first go to the WhatsApp Settings
  • After going to the WhatsApp storage option, click on the ‘Data & Storage’ tab.
  • After clicking on the Data & Storage tab, your data will start loading, and then a list will show up to you.
  • The person whose file size is the best possible will mean that you have dispatched messages, pictures, and videos to that person or contact user the most.
  • After looking at this listing, you will be amazed at how a whole lot of time you spend chatting on the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Feature Will Let You Know Which Contact You Chat the Most

This was an end of the discussion about the fantastic new feature of WhatsApp. We are sure that after reading away all the details of this feature, you will be instantly thinking about checking it first-hand without wasting any time. It would not be wrong to say that this feature can often enable you to figure out which person is in most contact with or love to chat around all the time.

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