WhatsApp Update Three New Exciting Features That Will Change Your Life

WhatsApp brings another amazing three features for their users including the ability to set reminders, notification about if someone is trying to call them while they are on the phone to someone else, and the third and last one is to choose who can invite them to unwanted WhatsApp Group.

Everything you need to know about all these Three New Exciting Features

According to the latest news, WhatsApp has updated the fresh new features in their application for all the users.  In the middle of all such features, you will be able to grab the ability in order to set the reminders.  Apart from that, the users will also be able to notify upon if in case any of the users are trying to make the call while they are already on a call with someone else. You can also select the option in which you can invite other people to our unwanted group chats.

Any.Do Reminder Application

Last week WhatsApp came up with the announcement of the changes in the features which was a lot surprising for so many of the users. In case if you are using a setup reminder feature, then, in that case, you have to download the separate app which is known as Any.do just as after WhatsApp has announced a wholesome partnership with them.


WhatsApp Update Three New Exciting Features That Will Change Your Life

As soon as the two of the apps have been linked all together, the users will be able to create as well as receive all sorts of reminders within the course of the messaging platform. This integration will often be coming across as the easy and yet the fastest way right through which you will be able to create the tasks as well as reminders straight from your ongoing conversations!

With all such updated latest features, you will be able to easily create your tasks as well as get some specific reminders in the WhatsApp application within any such supported device. You can create your tasks all the way by sending the direct course of messages to the Any.do or hence even forward a message to the app of Any.do into any of your contacts.

Call Waiting Feature

With the new call waiting feature, WhatsApp users will be notified if someone is calling him while he is busy on another call with someone. The users will have a choice to cancel the current call and take the new one. 

Who can add you to the Groups?

There is another exciting feature where users will be able to decide upon adding the friends into the WhatsApp groups.  The new updating feature of the app will be giving them an option related to everyoneonly my contacts and my contact except. You can turn on this feature by visiting your WhatsApp settings option.

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