WhatsApp Users Can Now Share Their Status Updates to Facebook Story

WhatsApp comes up with another Interesting feature updates that allow users to share their Status Updates to Facebook Stories. The new feature is available for both Android and iOS users and they can now share their WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story.

We mostly hear something new from the Worlds famous chat giants WhatsApp as they updating their services very quickly with the latest feature updates. As we previously shared WhatsApp Upcoming Feature Will Let You Hide Unwanted Status and now the latest update is that WhatsApp users can now share their Status Updates to Facebook stories. This feature will allow users to easily share their status updates to Facebook.

The new updated feature is now available in the WhatsApp status area and when you share status updates on your WhatsApp, a new button will come below the My status area namely ”SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY” that will allow you to share your status updates to Facebook Story.

WhatsApp Users Can Now Share Their Status Updates to Facebook Story

Your Account Information wouldn’t share with Facebook or other Apps:

According to WhatsApp,

When a user shares their status update, only the content of their status update will be shared with other apps and would not be protected by end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp would not share your account information with Facebook or other apps.

How to Share WhatsApp Status Updates to Facebook Story


  • First of all open WhatsApp and then tap on Status
  • Create a status update (share a status update that you want)
  • There you will see a new button “Share to Facebook Story” click on it and you will be prompted to a new option where WhatsApp will ask you about the audience you want to share with, select the audience and click on Share Now

Go to Facebook and you will see the WhatsApp status updates is shared as Facebook Story.

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